Success Plans

IEP & 504 Plan Specialists

We know what a good success plan (IEP, EP, PBIP, 504 plan) should look like. Your child is unique and his/her educational plan should be too. Let us help. 

When your child is found eligible for ESE services, you expect that his/her individualized education program (IEP) will truly be individualized to his/her specific needs. Far too often, that is not the case. Individualized programs are expensive, labor-intensive, and difficult for schools to administer. These are three of the biggest (unspoken) reasons that parents face resistance from school districts. But don't worry, we know the drill.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

 -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French aviator

We guard against "one size fits all" plans and help parents and the school collaborate on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Active, Realistic, Time-limited) plans that address your child's specific academic, functional, and behavioral needsWe review, write, and prepare in advance of the IEP meetings. We use achievement data to support requests, monitor progress, and persuasively negotiate services that support your child's needs.

We attend meetings with you, document outcomes, follow-up with requests, and take proactive steps to protect the parent-school relationship throughout the process. We also help parents renegotiate plans that were already written and are not doing the job. Why struggle through this complex process at the expense of your child? We look forward to being your partner and advocating for your child's academic success.

What To Expect


School, home, office, and virtual meetings as agreed upon and scheduled. 


The blend of services varies based on your child's special needs and the point we are hired as advocates. Typically, after the comprehensive evaluation is conducted, determining eligibility and developing an appropriate success plan involves:

  • Review of comprehensive evaluation results with parents and how the results effect eligibility for ESE services.
  • Meet with parent to discuss and form requests for specific goals, reasonable accommodations, assistive technology, etc.
  • Preliminary preparation of SMART success plan (IEP, EP, 504 Plan, PBIP) goals.
  • Meet with school about eligibility. If necessary, advise parents on requesting an independent educational evaluation.
  • Advocate at the IEP/504 meeting(s) and negotiate SMART success plan goals with the school.
  • Document and follow-up results of the meeting(s) with the school. Maintain files.
  • Advocate and mediate disagreements between parents and the school to preserve the parent-school relationship.
  • If necessary, advise parents on due process concerns, complaints, or mediation.
  • Follow-Up to ensure the success plan has been implemented by all teacher(s).

Estimated Time:

  • 5-7 hours; May vary more or less based on individual circumstances, evaluation results, school cooperation, etc.
  • Typically, several school meetings are required from start (PST/Child Study meeting) to finish (implementation of an educational plan) in addition to separate meeting between the parents and advocate in preparation of school meetings.

Projected Cost:

  • Approximately $250-350 (5-7 hours)* to review, develop, and negotiate success plans with the school. 
  • Standard Service Fee is $75 per hour (offset in part or full by available donations)*
  • Inquire about availability of fee reductions, waivers, or the reimbursement plan during your initial consultation.

*Projected cost reflects estimated time and standard service fees. Standard service fees may be offset in part or in full by donations, sponsors, and/or grants. Fee reductions, waivers, or the reimbursement plan are subject to available funds at the time of service and may vary with successful fundraising efforts. Historically, donation levels have lowered fees to rates between $26-$50 per hour.

Our Fees

Academic Success Advocates is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity operating for public benefit. Published service fees reflect the standard rate of $75 per hour, which may be offset in part or in full by donations, sponsors, and/or grants. Historically, donation levels have lowered fees to rates between $26-$50 per hour.

Fee reductions, fee waivers, or the reimbursement plan are subject to available donations. Availability may vary based on successful fundraising efforts. Inquire about current rates during your initial consultation and click below to learn more about the fiscal strategies utilized to support our nonprofit vision and mission.