Fiscal Responsibility

As a nonprofit organization, we practice fiscal responsibility to reduce operational costs and service fees. Important to our operations is fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency. 

Fiscal Vision

▪ Render advocacy services for children with special needs at reduced or no cost* to families. 

Fiscal Mission

Obtain donations and grants to offset or waive service fees for families. 

Fiscal Goals

Practice strict fiscal responsibility to reduce service costs for families.

Raise awareness and funds to sponsor services for children in need. 

Demonstrate accountability with detailed records and receipts.

Model transparency in accounting and reporting.

Fiscal Strategies

▪ Employ volunteers to the extent possible. Currently, 85% of services from directors, officers, and advisors are provided on a volunteer basis.

Exercise alternatives to a physical office space (virtual meetings, home visits, phone, email) to alleviate lease and overhead costs and increase convenience for families. 

▪ Pursue donations on an ongoing basis via the website, social media, local businesses, and fundraising campaigns. Provide IRS compliant tax-deductible receipts to donors.

Apply the reimbursement plan formula annually offering families a partial or full reimbursement of service fees when total donations have not been fully expended at the end of the fiscal year.  

Utilize software for detailed time-keeping and records and reporting of services and fees.

Maintain accurate financial records of revenue and expenses and publish annual reports of operations and financial conditions to the Board of Directors, advisors, stakeholders and in compliance with state and federal regulations for nonprofit charities.  

Help A Child In Need

Support Our Mission

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity operating for public benefit. Our vision is to help special needs students gain equal access and opportunities to quality education programs by rendering advocacy and support services to their families at reduced or no cost*.

We practice strict fiscal responsibility with more than 85% of services provided by directors, officers, and advisors on a volunteer basis, but we rely on donations to help offset service costs for families in need.

*Donations are used to offset standard service fees for families in need. Fee waivers, reductions, and fee reimbursement plans are subject to available funds from donations. Availability may vary based on successful fundraising efforts at the time of service.

 Help us protect the rights of children with special needs.