Advocacy & Advisement

Support from Start to Finish

As your advocate, we'll partner with you every step of the way. We'll form a "game plan" for school meetings and a "success plan" for your child. You're always in the driver's seat making the decisions for your child, but we'll be at your side, helping you navigate the complex process and steps.

We'll review your child's evaluations, classroom performance, and the strategies and data stemming from the school's Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)/Response to Intervention (RTI) strategies.

We'll ask the important questions and guide you throughout the entire process, advocating for the quality education that your child deserves and taking important steps to preserve (or repair) your relationship with the school.

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."

 -- John Wooden, UCLA basketball coach

What To Expect


School, home, office, and virtual meetings as agreed upon and scheduled..


The blend of services varies based on your child's special needs and the point we are hired as advocates. Typically, after the initial consultation (step 1), advocacy services and advisement include:

  • Meeting with parents to gather information and school documents. (We can request school records if needed.)
  • Review of data (standardized test scores, grades, comprehensive evaluation, etc.).
  • Review of educational history (school documents and reports, information shared from parents and the school). 
  • Discuss findings, options, and recommendations with parents. Prepare agenda and requests for school meeting(s).
  • Request meeting with the school if not already scheduled.
  • Attend meetings with the school as your advocate (Problem Solving Team/Child Study, eligibility, IEP meetings, etc.).
  • Document and follow-up with the results of each meeting. Maintain files.
  • Advocate and mediate disagreements between parents and the school to preserve the parent-school relationship.
  • If necessary, advise parents on options for an Independent Educational Evaluation, State Complaint, Due Process Complaint, etc.
  • Success plans are formed when results of the comprehensive evaluation are received and eligibility is determined.

Estimated Time:

  • 5-7 hours
  • Hours will vary based on number of school meetings, educational history, parent-school relationship, etc. 
  • Typically, several school meetings are required from start (PST/Child Study meeting) to finish (implementation of an educational plan) in addition to separate planning/preparation sessions between the parents and advocate.

Projected Cost:

  • Approximately $250-350 (5-7 hours)*
  • Standard Service Fee is $75 per hour* (offset in part or in full by  donations.)
  • Inquire about the availability of fee reductions, waivers, or the reimbursement plan during your initial consultation.

*Projected cost reflects estimated time and standard service fees. Standard service fees may be offset in part or in full by donations, sponsors, or grants. Fee reductions, waivers, or the reimbursement plan are subject to available funds at the time of service and may vary with successful fundraising efforts. Historically, donation levels have lowered fees to rates between $26-$50 per hour.

Our Fees

Academic Success Advocates is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity operating for public benefit. Published service fees reflect a standard rate of $75 per hour, which may be offset in part or in full by donations, sponsors, and/or grants. (Historically, donation levels have lowered fees to rates between $26-$50 per hour.)

Fee reductions, fee waivers, or the reimbursement plan are subject to available donations. Availability may vary based on successful fundraising efforts. Inquire about current rates during your initial consultation and click below to learn more about the fiscal strategies utilized to support our nonprofit vision and mission.