Parent Training

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A selection of relevant topics for families of children with special needs. Check back frequently for updates. Check our Event Calendar for current opportunities and upcoming events.

Download our PowerPoint presentation from the Parent Training Event on July 16, 2022. Learn new rules and policies for 2022-23 school year and why you may need an advocate.

Intro to the Exceptional Student Education (special education) process in FL

Understanding the World of ESE: Part 1 of FDLRS Webinar Series

Intro to Laws that govern Exceptional Student Education (special education)

The referral, evaluation, and eligibility process explained

Understanding the assessments used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation

What is Florids's Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)?

Intro to the 14 categories of student disabilities protected by law

What is an IEP? FAQs and Basics

Understanding the IEP: Part 2 of FDLRS Webinar Series

Strategies for setting high quality academic IEP goals

Monitoring progress toward achievement of IEP goals

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

What is a 504 Plan? 504 Plans Explained

Providing Accommodations in a Virtual Environment

Difference between IEPs & 504 Plans

Five reasons you should hire a special education advocate